LA Money Back: Grants, Credits & Incentives

Whether you’re an individual, family, business or organization, getting your money’s worth is more important than ever. There are a wide variety of grants, tax credits and other incentives for everything from buying new home appliances to bidding for a government contract for your business.

Energy & Efficiency Incentives


Unclaimed Property

Energy & Efficiency Incentives

Energy Star Tax Credits for Consumer Efficiency

Purchase any of the Energy Star products shown on this website and receive tax credit. Products include: Biomass Stoves, Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Insulation, Roofs, Water-Heaters, Windows and Doors, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Small Wind Turbines, Solar Energy Systems, Fuel Cells

Southern California Edison Rebates and Savings

Rebates for choosing Energy Efficient appliances, lighting and heating and cooling, qualified pool pumps, solar leadership, Multi-family Housing, Generating your own power and more.

Flex your power residential

Incentives and services related to home energy saving in your area.

Flex Your Power Commercial

Incentives and services related to commercial efforts to save energy.


Community Enhancement Services: Energy Service Providers

Contact information for weatherization, Energy Crisis Intervention Program and Utility Payment Assistance

Lead Hazard Control Program

Households identified as having high lead content levels will get all lead-based paint and other lead-containing elements in their home abated to a safe level. About 170 residences receive these services yearly, and more than 800 have since the program began.

Contact the Maravilla Foundation via their website, or at (323) 869-4500

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Rebates

Low-income Refrigerator Exchange Program, Green Power Program and Refrigerator Turn-In and Recycle Program (RETIRE).



Information on Grants, Scholarships and Found Money.



Federal Grants

Search through federal grants for individuals, schools, businesses and organizations. Apply and track your Grant application.

FedBizOpps.Gov Federal Business Opportunities

Search the Federal database of Recovery Opportunities and Awards.

Varied Federal Grants

View a list of available Federal Grants alphabetically.


Unclaimed Property

The Government May Owe You Money

Check unclaimed property, credit unions, mortgage refunds, and more.

California Unclaimed Property

Perform a search to see if you have unclaimed property in the State of California

Other Sources for Unclaimed Property

Search for owed pensions, unclaimed deposits, forgotten savings bonds, and more.